Žarko Atanasovski

Žarko Atanasovski
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Started training artistic gymnastics at the age of 5 and has been practicing and advancing in that field to this day.

From the year 2000 was a regular member of national team of Yugoslavia/Serbia, from cadet, to junior to senior category.

State champion several times bought all-round and on individual apparatus, throughout all categories.

Participant of numerous international competitions (world and European championships and cups, Universiades, Balkan championships etc.)

Won 3rd place (bronze medal) on high-bar on Balkan championship.

In 2010 became an artistic gymnastic judge, and currently holds 1st category, as defined by Gymnastic Federation of Serbia.

In 2013 became a coach and enter the world of teaching and instructing gymnastics and acrobatics in gyms, circus troups and dance academies.

In 2019 became na Internationa Judge for Acrobatic Dance Show competitions licenced by World Artistic Dance Federation.



Žarko Atanasopvski was born 11. 02. 1994. in Serbia.