Aleksandar Boškov

Aleksandar Boškov
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2005  starts working as a younger actor in group in amateur theatre „Art teatar“ in his home town of Kikinda. 

2006  received casting roles in the National Theater in Kikinda, where among other things he starred as a main role in the play „Marko Kraljević and Musa Kesedžija“ and the main supporting role in the same season in the play „My“, where he acted together with famous Serbian artists Ivana Knežević, Marko Kon and many others. 

2007  winner of the „Dr Đorđe Natošević“ award by the Provincial Secretariat for Culture of Vojvodina for outstanding contribution and development of the youth community in the field of Culture in the Municipality of Kikinda. 

2007-2012  begins to work as a choreographer of street danc- es in the dance club „Impuls“ in Novi Sad, where he won national and European championships for three years in a row (2010-2012) with authorial choreographys. 

2007-2010  multiple state champion in the category Show Dance and Street dance solo, at the Serbian Association of Modern Dance. 

2008-2014  member of the „Dans ensemble“ in Novi Sad, where he danced contemporary dance. In this ensemble he worked on many productions and shows, amongst other things on projects such as „Museum Night“, „Kaleidoscope“, „Dance Miniatures“ and many other. 

2012-2014  starts working as a coach and performance coordina- tor in the organization „Alternacija“, which is based on promoting the skills of contemporary circus. 

2012-NOW  he has become a partner in ’’Pointe Dance Serbia’’ in Novi Sad, where he works as a manager and choreographer of contemporary dance.  

2014  he plays in the performance „Partnering“ in Novi Sad in choreography by Jelena Alempijević, in
a performance based on the technique of con- temporary dance, using the movements of Wim Vandekeybus as an inspiration for the show. 

2014  he goes to Germany where he teaches contemporary dance and dances as well on the project „Danube Dance“. That same year he graduated from the school „Ulm Danube School for Arts Management“, where he qualified as a manager in culture. 

2015-NOW  together with colleagues, he establishes the New Entertainment Association, where he also receives the title of the President of the Association. The association is en- gaged in achieving goals in the field of culture, organizing public events, performances and theater performances, as well as organizing workshops and seminars in the field of contemporary circus and dance. 

2015-2019  works as a performer on stilts at „Culture Club Revelin“ in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

2016-NOW he works as a choreographer of contemporary and ShowDance at the „Viva Dance Academy“ in Novi Sad. 

2016  he participates at the Awaji Art Cicus festival
in Japan as a performer on stilts and as a dance choreographer. In the same year, he also worked as a choreographer of contemporary dance at the Broadway Dance Center in Tokyo, Japan. 

2017-NOW  works as a performance organizer and performer (dancer and juggler with fire) at Club Top Hill in Budva, Montenegro. 

2018  became an International judge for modern dance with the licence of World Artistic Dance Federation

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Aleksandar Boškov was born 08.10.1988. in the city Kikinda, Vojvodina, Serbia.

Aleksandar Boškov
Aleksandar Boškov
Aleksandar Boškov